Dr. Peter Bray Medspa
This facial is appropriate for all skin types and has no downtime and is comfortable and relaxing. The germicidal action kills P. acnes, bleaching by oxidation, lightens and brightens the skin and it reduces the appearance of rosacea and telangiectasia.
$175 + HST
PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a substance drawn from your blood and injected into your scalp that can purportedly help heal bodily tissues, including follicles from which your hairs grow.
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Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive technology that remodels collagen while coagulating adipose tissue. With various configurations, Morpheus8 is a modular solution to deliver fractional treatments throughout the body, including the face, neck and more.
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The Beauty Booster Micro-needling device is a unique hyaluronic acid (HA) treatment that hydrates, replenishes, and repairs the skin from the inside out.
$500+ + HST
A medical-grade facial treatment that cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates your skin
$175+ + HST
Clinically designed treatments, proven to reduce the appearance of dehydration, dullness, hyperpigmentation, acne and signs of aging.
*with or without dermaplaning.
$129 + HST
Exfoliate, Infuse, and Oxygenate your way to youthful skin. Suitable for all skin types
$149 + HST
Intense Pulsed Light is a treatment using precisely targeted energies to treat sun damage, age spots, facial veins and capillaries and reducing the redness associated with rosacea
$199 + HST
Radio-frequency energy will stimulate the formation of new collagen and contract the layers of your skin
$250 + HST
Face, neck, hands - tightens skin, improves texture and smooths fine lines
$399 + HST
Controlled micro-injuries are created to the skin in order to aid in the production of collagen and elastin
$275 + HST
The gold standard for fast and effective hair removal
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Injectable fillers enhance your appearance by restoring your skin’s natural volume, softening lines and creases, and defining facial features such as your lips, cheeks and jawline
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A safe and effective treatment for facial lines and wrinkles giving you a more freshed appearance
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Vivier Skin Care | ZO Skin Health by Dr. Obagi
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Their innovative skincare and mineral makeup work together to reveal your authentic best. Products are developed with care and great for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
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The only prescription eyelash product approved in Canada - grow longer, fuller and darker lashes
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